In order to promote shared leadership and provide a wider basis for decision-making, St. Mary School has established an Administrative Team. Each team member has designated responsibilities as outlined below. These appointed leaders meet weekly to discuss school issues,which are then brought to the faculty. Final decision-making rests with the Principal and Pastor.


Names below are listed by admin, and then by alphabetical order. Follow the @signwith stmaryslg.org


Mr. James Johnston
jjohnson@ | ext 119

Rev. Rick Rodoni

Mrs. Lynne Dickerson
Vice Principal, Parish liaison, Grades 7-8 Science Program, Music: K-Grade 5; Music Program Director
ldickerson@ | ext 161


Mrs. Cecile Mantecón
Vice Principal, Religion coordinator and campus minister, Grade 8 Homeroom
cmantecón@ | ext 148

Mrs. Monica Hernandez
Faculty & staff liaison
mhernandez@ | ext 167


Mrs. Lisa Allie
Specialist: K-Grade 4 Resource
& Assessment
lallie@ | ext 151

Mrs. Magee Kennedy-Buzas
Grade 3 Homeroom
mkennedy@ | ext 143

Mr. Jeremiah Clauss
Grade 6 Homeroom
jclauss@ | ext 146

Mrs. Eileen Cully
Student Learning Program TK-Grade 8 Resource and Assessment
ecully@ | ext 136

Mrs. Terry Deane
Transitional Kindergarten
Instructional Aides
tdeane@ | ext 167

Mr. Dave Freitas
Grades 1-8; Athletic Director
dfreitas@ | ext 153

Ms. Nancy Graeber
ngraeber@ | ext 131

Mrs. Jeannie Jones
Resource Aide (Grades 5-8) Math
jjones@ | ext 150

Ms. Stephanie Lynott
Grade 4 Homeroom
slynott@ | ext 144

Mrs. Paula Mastropolo
Kindergarten Instructional Aides
pmastropolo@ | ext 140

Ms. Ana Perez
Grades 1-4 Spanish& Assessment
aperez@ | ext 117

Ms. Kathy Rosendin
Administrative Assistant
krosendin@ | ext 118

Ms. Teri Tucci
Tech Support
tstucci@ | ext 137

Mrs. Jackie Vindasius
Grade 1 Homeroom, Student Council Moderators
jvindasius@ | ext141

Mrs. Nanette White
Clerical Aide
nwhite@ | ext 160

Mrs. Sheryl Becker
Office Manager
sbecker@ | ext 132

Mrs. Sheila Chavez
Grade 1 Instructional Aides, Librarian
schavez@ | ext 160

Miss Katy Crites
Grade 2 Homeroom
kcrites@ | ext 142

Miss Nicole Deane
Kindergarten Homeroom
ndeane@ | ext 140

Mrs. Erin Brand-Delgado
Grades 6-8 Science Program, NGSS Program Director, Student Council Moderators, Grade 7, Algebra 8 Math, Tech Support
ebrand-delgado@ | ext 157

Mrs. Erika Freitas
Grade 5 Homeroom
efreitas@ | ext 145

Mrs. Monica Hernandez
Transitional Kindergarten Homeroom
mhernandez@ | ext 167

Dr. Kim Karloff
Grade 7 Homeroom, Grades 7-8 Language Arts
kkarloff@ | ext 147

Mrs. Gia Marshall
Grade 2 Instructional Aides, Cougar’s Corner

Mrs. Nancy Pappani
Cougar’s Corner Director

Mr. Harjit Punj
Grade 6, Algebra 8 Math
hpunj@ | ext 155

Mrs. Dawn Shannon
Art: Grades 1-8; Art Program Director
dshannon@ | ext 164

Rev. Biju Daniel Varghese
Parochial Vicar
Varghese@ | ext 138

Mrs. Sandra Whalen
Grades 5-8 Spanish
swhalen@ | ext 164