Before school starts...

The following forms need to be printed, filled out, and turned into the school office before your child can attend school.
Emergency Contact / Release and Consent Form (one per student)
Medicine Supervision Form (if needed) (one per student)

In order to volunteer at school in any capacity, these requirements must be met:

Volunteer Requirements                                                                                                     Verify Form (for Fingerprinting)


First Day of School...

The following forms should be turned in on the first day of school.
2016-2017 Family Information Sheet (one per family)
Volunteer Driver Form 2016-2017 (one per family)
Leaving After School (Jr. High Only) 
Media Release Form (one per student)
Acceptable Use Policy (one per student)

If you are interested...

Other Forms
Cougars Corner Sign-Up Form (one per family)
St. Mary After School Sports Sign-Up (Grades 5-8)